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    Looking for CHEAP FIXED PRICE for similar App below both Android & IOS versions. Also, backend, admin panel database everything... including unlimited revisions until I'm 100% happy. Let me know your lowest price & how long it will take ?

    Budget: 1.00 USD
    Expected delivery: 7 days
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    We have wide 5+ years of experiences in software and applications development for Apple mobile devices, especially for iPhones and iPads. During my professional career, we have developed different applications for the iOS platform. Some applications include real-time security, tracking software, mobile games, live streaming entertainment, multimedia and newspapers publishers applications, and corporate applications for collaborations with data warehouses as well as developed.

    Budget: 200.00 USD - 5,000.00 USD
    Expected delivery: 10 days
    Deadline: October 15, 2018
    Tags: Android, hybrid, Ios, iPad, mobile application, native, react, Windows
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    I can design an mobile app for your busdiness

    Budget: 5.00 USD - 15.00 USD
    Expected delivery: 2 days
    Tags: android app, iOS apps
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    I make Wordpress (Dynamic) and HTML (static) Responsive Website. I’m Professional Web Designer – and I make personal, business, organization, non-profit, or any-type of website that you may need. All I need is your content and I will handle everything else. I’m able to make own custom designs and templates so you end up with a pixel-perfect website. What I need to make a site: • Content for each page • Any images you want to use • Hosting Login if you are using your own server

    Budget: 50.00 USD - 300.00 USD
    Tags: css, html, we, Web Design, web development, website, wordpress
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    I will develop custom and attractive application for your business

    Budget: 10.00 USD - 5,000.00 USD
    Tags: Ios, iPad
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    Hello, I started to flesh out a website and found myself in qover my head. In short, it is a social website with location/geographic based content. It needs a user database, a location database, location services, to show saved locations on a map then export them to a users navigation program of choice. I started in HTML5, which also means that it would be device agnostic. Main target is mobile. Open to any language/tech, I just want it secure and functional. Logos and design too, I'll do text

    Budget: 1.00 USD - 200.00 USD
    Expected delivery: 14 days
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