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Microcontrollers Hardware/Firmware Developer/Designer - Digital Electronics, Analog Electronics, Mixed Signals, PCB Designer, Schematic diagram Developer, Firmware Tester and Developer, Electronic Engineering Technical Writer, Prototype Developer/Tester



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Automation, Robotics and Industrial Control,
European Union Level 5
Activities and Societies: 1. Professional Profile
 Technically Specialize in Automation, Robotics and Industrial
 Capable working autonomous and Team Integrated – Conceive,
programming Planning and coordenating production activities,
Equipments and people. Recuring to Computer Aided Manufacturing
Systems with having sight to optimization of quantity and quality of
2. Automation, Robotics and Industrial Control Archivements
 Installing, Programming and start labouring with Equipment and
Automation, Robotics, Instrumentation, Industrial Control systems.
 Conceive, Testing prototypes. Evaluate the fiability of equipment or
system to be manufactured/installed by noticed the economic and
technical aspects.
 Elaborate projects of installation of Automation, Robotics
Instrumentation, Industrial Control equipments and systems
 Installing Pneumatics and Hydraulics Systems.
 Installing production systems controled by PLC, assembling Industrial
Control systems.
 Development of applications for Computers and Manufacturing that
uses data communications and databases networks.
 Configuring and Installing communication networks of data and
Industrial Control to the specific targets using the adequated
procedures to allow the correct working conditions.
 Programming, Testing and troublshooting mistakes of IT systems
specifically: Microcontrollers, Robots, Industrial manipulators,
Industrial Robots inside of fabricating cells.
 Select the processes control instruments, testing and callibration of
physical variables to measure according with specifications.
 Calibrating and adjust the instruments according with analysing
 Installing and configuring Domotic systems.
 Planning and assembling Industrial Automation: Electric Technical
Frames Equipment having consideration of good practices and
standards and aplicable regulations.
 Accoplishing the management of Automation, Instrumentation
Robotics, Industrial Control equipments and systems.
 Create plans to maintaining and repairing Electronics, Automation,
Instrumentation Robotics, Industrial Control systems and equipments.
 Organizing and supervising the maintenance of Electronics,
Automation, Instrumentation, Robotics, Industrial Control systems and
equipments teams.
 Coordenate and implementing the maintenance of Electronics,
Automation, Instrumentation, Robotics, Industrial Control systems and
Equipments projects.
 Planning colaboration, coordenating production control.
 Integrating and coordenating the production, using IT supervision and
control applications.
 Colaborating of daily production of manufacturing orders according
with the needs and existing resources.
 Programming production equipment according with products technical
 Measurement and control of physical variables that make part of
industrial processes, fallowing the equipment and systems
 Give training to company co-workers specifically to equipment users,
electronic Technicians, and maintenance Technicians.
 Creating and filling technical reports acccording with activity
3. General & Scientific Subjects
 Environment, Security, hygiene and health at workplace.
 Project management (Electronics, Automation) – Practice
Creating Timetable stages from acquiring raw material to finish of
projects. On-Time Methodologies, Grant Diagram.
 Maintenance Organizing and Management – Practice Creating
Timetables for Regular maintenance.
 English Language at Professional Context – Practical Corporation
settings, and trade tools visualisations.
 Oral and written expression techniques – Practical day to day and
professional oriented language training.
4. Technologic Subjects
 Programming Techniques Basics – C language programming and
C programming language projects.
 Industrial Electronics – Power Electronics projects.
 Electric Machines – Electric Engines and speed controllers.
 Pneutronics – Small electronics and pneumatic projects.
 Automation basics – LADDER Language Programming basics in
Schneider TWIDO PLC.
 Industrial Automation – Schneider Twido, Schneider Zelio, Omron
ZEN PLCs projects.
 Industrial Control Basics – Learning how to use MATLAB.
 Industrial Control Advanced – Implementation of a MATLAB
 CIM - CNC with Solid Works 3D design Software Basics
 Robotics Basics – BEAM Robots and Wheeled Robot projects.
 Robotics Advanced – Programming University Robotic Arm.
 Microcontrollers Systems – Texas Instruments MCU MSP430
 Instrumentation Basics – Sensors and quick applications with
 Instrumentation Advanced – Sensors and applications with
Workbenchs with report.
 Domotic Basics – Implemented with microchip MCU PIC18F452.
 Project Basics – Highlithing preparation of the project.
 Project of Automation and Control – Implementation – Create
Hardware, Firmware and PC software to Connect Microchip MCU
16F877A to Arduino than making Arduino Connecting with a Visual
Basic App onto PC to show the results of a frequency Readings by
 Project of Automation and Control Optimization – Correct any
programming errors and testing Software, firmware.

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